ESEO Institute of Science and Technology

ESEO is a comprehensive Institute of Science and Technology founded in 1956. It has received its accreditation from the CTI -Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs continuously since 1962 and is part of the "Grande Ecole" CGE network, a non-profit organization. Members of the CGE Network are very selective and prestigious schools of higher education. ESEO has 4 campuses (Angers, PAris and Dijon in France, Shanghai in China) and proposes many courses in partnership (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Sénégal, Maroc, ...). Each year, some 200 students obtain the ESEO Master of Engineering Degree ("Diplôme d'ingénieur"). So far, 5,000 ESEO alumni work in 1,400 companies around the world.

Research laboratories and resources

  • 45 laboratories
  • 75 % of ESEO professors are doctors (PhD degree),
  • 8 research-oriented Master's degrees ("Masters Recherche") at ESEO : the ESEO Group offers dual research-oriented Master's degrees, under the supervision of accredited professors inside ESEO and/or in cooperation with associate universities.
  • International recognition : The "Ingenieur ESEO" diploma (European Master grade) and the "Masters Recherche" diploma are both officially recognized by the French Ministry of Education.

Supported by institutionnal partners, the research laboratories at ESEO is composed of 7 teams :

  • EVALTECH : the innovation and technology transfer center at ESEO
  • GSII : signal and image for instrumentation (syncope detection, Laser Doppler anemometry ...)
  • ESEO-EMC : architecture of electronic devices : EMC of ICs, mixed signal modeling...)
  • RF AND MICROWAVE : RFID antennas, wireless energy transfer...
  • G3M : mathematics, mechanics and materials
  • TRAME : model transformation for embedded systems
  • MODESTE : Model, Service & Test

The laboratory maintains close relations with industrial partners (CNRS, LAUM, Atmel, STMicroelectronics, Thales, etc...) and universities, and participates in projects funded by the French government and the European Union. The research laboratory of ESEO also participates in the organization of national and international conferences such as IEEE ICEIS, SFA, BIOSTEC, etc.

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