ESEO Institute of Science and Technology

ESEO is a comprehensive Institute of Science and Technology founded in 1956. It has received its accreditation from the CTI -Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs continuously since 1962 and is part of the 'Grande Ecole'; CGE network, a non-profit organization. Members of the CGE Network are very selective and prestigious schools of higher education. ESEO has 4 campuses (Angers, Paris and Dijon in France, Shanghai in China) and proposes many courses in partnership (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Sénégal...). Each year, some 200 students obtain the ESEO Master of Engineering Degree (Diplôme d'ingénieur). So far, 5,200 ESEO alumni work in 1,400 companies around the world.

Relations with the business world

One of the strong points of the French Master's programmes : companies, whatever their size, participate closely in the training of French engineers and managers

  • Professors are often called upon for consultancy
  • Research is performed within ESEO laboratories on behalf of companies or local government agencies
  • Case studies are dealt with by students in reply to requests from companies or professional institutions.
  • 700 Master students per year do industrial work placements in 550 companies

The curricula, which meet the international quality requirements for a European Master's Degree, requires a minimum level of TOEIC >785, and a minimum of one semester abroad (work placement, dual-degree, summer programmes, etc.).

Work placements or internships are part of the Master of Engineering pedagogy. If you are looking for international trainees, research oriented students, or master degree engineers, ESEO can help you in the fields of Information Technology, Computer Sciences, Automatism, Signal Processing, BioMedical, Embedded Systems, Electronics, Networks, Telecoms.

Every year 150 ESEO students do work placements / internships abroad in more than 30 countries.

3 work placements are part of the curricula :


  • Discovery internship (1 to 2 months) : July-August, Bachelor 1 and 2 (called P1 and P2 at ESEO)
  • New Technical Internship (since 2016) :  3 à 5 months July to Nov. during the first Master 1 semester (I2 at ESEO). All of these students have been through -among other courses-  a « big electronics project » (analog and digital electronics, electronic switching, telecommunication) and a "big computer science project » (UML, object oriented programing, XML, data bases). They will be able to manage an internship project as an Assistant Engineer.
  • The new technical internship replaces the previous version of technical internship of a duration of 3 to 3.5 months, from June to Sept. at the end of Master 1 (I2 at ESEO)
  • End of studies internship (Feb to Sept.) : 5 to 6 months during the last Master 2 semester (I3 at ESEO)

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