IS:link is a network of renowned Information Systems schools at universities from all around the world, including ESEO !

The network's primary purpose is to promote international student exchange in Information Systems by removing the major obstacles that prevent students from spending parts of their studies at a foreign university, such as uncertain abroad credit acknowledgement that leads to prolonged graduation, high effort due to tedious bureaucratic processes, or tightly tailored curricula.

Furthermore, IS:link is committed to foster international academic cooperation in teaching and research between the participating universities.

Easy ESEO students' application process

As students often struggle with a complex, slow and intransparent application process, IS:link has established a lean and simple way to arrange student exchange:

  • Find your favorite IS:link university on our IS:link webpage
  • Create learning agreements and receive its acknowledgement online
  • Receive your updated status and further information from the IS:link coordinators
  • Erasmus scholarship application is integrated

One central web-based platform

You can use the IS:link web page to plan and and manage your study abroad:

  • Find all information necessary for choosing the right university for your study abroad: Information about the universities and respective study courses, semester dates, the city and the country, etc.
  • Benefit from many useful information collected on the IS:link web platform, e.g. regarding funding and scholarships, accommodation or actual student experiences

International Summer Schools

During the one or two weeks of a Summer School you catch a first glimpse of the experiences of studying at a foreign university:

  • Challenging tasks, renowned professors and a lot of fun with students from all over the world
  • Summer Schools are connected to the IS:link curriculum allowing you to get your Summer School credits acknowledged at your home university
  • Only very little fees for IS:link members, which already include lodging


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